"The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble."
Psalm 9:9


Derby Cathedral School recognises that ICT and the Internet are fantastic tools for learning and communication, that can be used in school to enhance the curriculum, challenge students, and support creativity and independence.

Using ICT to interact socially and share ideas can benefit everyone in the school community, but it is important that the use of the internet and ICT is seen as a responsibility and that students, staff, parents/carers and stakeholders use it appropriately and practise an appropriate level of e-safety. It is important that all members of the school community are aware of the dangers of using the internet and how they should conduct themselves online.

e-Safety covers the internet but it also covers mobile phones and other electronic communications technologies. We know that some adults and young people will use these technologies to harm children. The harm might range from sending hurtful or abusive texts and emails, to enticing children to engage in sexually harmful conversations or actions online, webcam filming, photography or face-to-face meetings. There is a ‘duty of care’ for any persons working with children and a need to educate all members of the school community regarding the risks and responsibilities of e-safety that fall under this duty.

It is important that there is a balance between controlling access to the internet and technology and allowing freedom to explore and use these tools to their full potential. At DCS we aim to appropriately regulate ICT activity in school, and provide a good understanding of appropriate ICT use so that members of the school community can use as a reference for their conduct online outside of school hours.

e-Safety is a whole-school issue and responsibility. Cyber-bullying by students within the school, will be treated as seriously as any other type of bullying and will be managed through our behaviour and anti-bullying procedures which are outlined in our Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy.

We have a produced a Parent Information Leaflet  on the use of social media for parents/carers and indeed students which you may find useful.

There are many website where you can access help should you be concerned about anything you experience online. Some of these are below: