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Proverbs 9:10-12

How do I apply for a place for my child at Derby Cathedral School?

Derby Cathedral School is part of the Local Authority’s co-ordinated admissions. Therefore, our admissions, both In-Year and Secondary Transfer, i.e. Year 6 into Year 7, are handled by Derby City Council. If you would like to make an application, please follow the steps below.

The quickest and easiest way to apply is online Click here for the Synergy Parent Portal Website You can also apply by telephone on 01332 642727. Alternatively, you can download a paper application form and return it to Derby City Council or request a paper application form to be sent to you using the same telephone number.

Common Application Form

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The deadline to apply for a place in Year 7 each September is October 31st in the previous year. Parents/carers Year 6 students will be notified of their child’s place in secondary school on March 1st, known as National Offer Day.

More detailed information about admissions is found under 'Admissions Arrangements' and you can also download our policies for each academic year. If you would like to contact the school, please don't hesitate to do so via telephone 01332 325710 or email info@derbycathedralschool.org.uk 

Admission Policies

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*In order for your application to be fully and correctly considered against our criteria, you must also complete and return a Supplementary Information Form.

Supplementary Form

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In-Year Admissions

If your child is currently in Years 7 to 11 and you wish to apply to move them to a different secondary school, please download the In-Year Common Application Form and the supplementary Information Form - see links below.

In-Year Common Application Form

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Supplementary Form

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Have you been offered a place at Derby Cathedral School?

Once your child has been officially offered a place at Derby Cathedral School by Derby City Council you will need to complete our admission form below as soon as possible. Click on the Student Admission Form below to access it.

Student Admission Form

Please also take the time to read through our information guide for all new students. This contains key, useful information for both students and parents/carers. It is designed to help you feel welcome and familiar with our school community.

Welcome to Derby Cathedral School - New Starters Guide

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All applicants refused a place have a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel constituted and operated in accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code. The independent panel will review your application and make a final, legally binding, decision on the matter. For further information and details on how to appeal, please contact the school on 01332 325710 or email info@derbycathedralschool.org.uk

The below linked letter gives all the details you may need in order to lodge an appeal: 

DCS Appeal Information Letter

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The timelines for appeals are set by the Department for Education and all details can be found here https://www.gov.uk/schools-admissions/appealing-a-schools-decision In summary, 

--The admission authority (DDAT) for the school must allow you at least 20 school days to appeal from when they send the decision letter. The decision letter for Derby Cathedral School is sent by Derby City Council

--The admission authority will set a deadline for submitting information and evidence to support your appeal. If you submit anything after the deadline, it might not be considered and may result in delays to your hearing.

--Coram Children’s Legal Centre may be able to give you advice about appeals.

--The admission authority must give you at least 10 school days’ notice of the hearing.

--Appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for making an appeal.