"Rise up, Oh Lord, in all your power. With music and singing we will celebrate your mighty acts."

Psalm 21:13


All students at Derby Cathedral School participate in daily collective worship. Collective worship is the term used for whenever we gather as students and staff to think about or reflect on a topic together. This happens daily in tutor groups. 

We also gather as full year groups once per week, during a collective worship led by the Heads of Year or a member of the school's Senior Leadership Team.

During this time, they participate in activities that help them to reflect on many aspects of their time at school. These activities will include:

  • checking attendance
  • monitoring rewards
  • reading
  • reflecting on how students demonstrate FAITH values in their daily lives
  • world issues and current affairs
  • social action projects
  • celebrating festivals and events in the Christian calendar
  • celebrating diversity and understanding society
  • safeguarding information

Once a week, students will also receive a message that is rooted in a Christian teaching. As part of this they will reflect on words said in a prayer and worship song. We understand that not all students have a Christian faith; we expect all students to quietly and respectfully reflect on the words, values and meaning behind these key messages.

Derby Cathedral often provide our students with key messages and support as part of our collective worship.