Welcome to Year 11

The Head of Year 11 is Mr Thompson - D.Thompson@derbycathedralschool.org.uk 

The Pastoral Year Lead for Year 11 is Mr Fearn - A.Fearn@derbycathedralschool.org.uk

Year 11 is a vitally important year in which students prepare and sit their GCSE examinations, and make decisions about the next stage of their educational journey. 

Many students will already have a good idea about the pathway they wish to follow at the end of Year 11, such as Sixth Form, college or even an apprenticeship into employment.  Year 11 is a time for students to reflect on themselves and really focus on where they want to be, and what they need to do to get there. Having goals is an important way to become motivated to success, and any students who are still unsure of their next steps will be meeting with our Careers Advisor to help steer them on to the right path. We are all here to guide the students and Year 11 have very experienced Form Tutors to help guide them through this vital year and on to their GCSEs.  

Year 11 start each day with collective worship where different activities take place each day.  As we progress through Year 11 , those activities will significantly focus on GCSE preparation, Study Skills, and revision techniques. 


Drop Everything and Read and student updates. 

Focus on life skill documents such as application forms and CVs,  along with checking student progress, rewards, and home communication. 


Numeracy Ninjas 

Focus on maths across the curriculum. 



Exploring key areas of our school FAITH ethos, and understanding how we can integrate the values into our daily lives. 


Whole class reading along with focus strategies for GCSE 

Whole class reading to support understanding of exam papers along with strategies for revision and dealing with exam stress and anxiety. 


Year 11 Collective Worship 

Year group worship in the main hall. 


Intervention Schedule 

Students are expected to attend intervention sessions. These take place 3:10 - 4:00pm each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


At Derby Cathedral School, we expect all students to follow our FAITH values, and for Year 11 these values should already be well embedded. Of course, these values are important for every year group, but for Year 11s, we really target these towards success in KS4, as without these, that success will be impossible to achieve. 

We aim to make everyone’s time at Derby Cathedral School an enjoyable learning experience, and strive to provide students with the support they need to flourish in their time at secondary school.  Any students who find themselves struggling in any way should speak to their Tutor, Pastoral Year Lead or Head of Year, all of whom will be able to signpost students to the help they require.