Welcome to the Year 8 section of the website

Year 8 is the year for students to really focus on being the best they can be; it is a time for students to put our ‘FAITH’ values in to practice. After a settling in period during Year 7 and knowing that in Year 9, students will have many important decisions to make, Year 8 is the perfect time for our students to focus on their own learning and school experiences.

All Year 8 students have the opportunity to become Student Mentors; we meet weekly to discuss many important issues such as friendship & bullying, litter & the environment, extra-curricular activities, house competitions, rewards for students, charity events and many more. Many of our Collective Worship sessions will also focus on these topics to ensure that all Year 8 students develop in to respectful young people that demonstrate our FAITH values in every aspect of school life. 

Every morning at Derby Cathedral School starts with a collective worship with their form tutor. Different activities are carried out throughout the week. Each form is assigned a house and students earn merits throughout the year which contribute to the house competition.

Monday Head of Year Collective Worship Celebration of achievement and key messages
Tuesday Picture News Class discussion on a recent news topic
Wednesday Cathedral Collective Worship Exploring key areas of FAITH
Thursday Merits and Planner Review Checking student progress, rewards and home communication
Friday Collective Reading Group reading tasks and discussions


At Derby Cathedral School we expect all students to follow our FAITH values.

All of our school rules are based around the FAITH values. We believe in developing a well-rounded individual who can succeed in life when leaving our school and the FAITH values help to support this development.
Throughout the year we carry out different activities as a year group. Examples from this year are:

  • Apply to be a student mentor – we now have a team of Year 8 Student Mentors that work together to help improve our school. We meet every week and discuss issues such as friendship, litter, the environment, extra-curricular activities, charity events and many more. 
  • Harvest Festival –  all students bring in donated items for the Padley Centre. 
  • Reverse advent calendar where students created and filled an advent calendar with items which we donated to AGE UK. 
  • Extra-Curricular activities such as:
    • Art Club
    • Cooking
    • Spanish Translation Bee
    • Horrible Histories
    • Robotics
    • Music (Choir, House Band)
    • Sporting & Fitness clubs
  • Year 8 have also had the opportunity to apply for the Voices in Action Youth Council which is run by Derby City Council

We aim to make everyone’s time at Derby Cathedral School an enjoyable learning experience and strive to provide students with the support they need to flourish in their time at secondary school.