Welcome to Year 9

The Head of Year 9 is Mrs Lynch

The Pastoral Year Lead for Year 9 is Mrs P. Smith

Year 9 is one of the most important years in education as students begin to prepare for their futures. It marks the coming to an end of Key Stage 3 and the preparations begin for Key Stage 4. It is an exciting opportunity to think very carefully about future aspirations and learning pathways beyond Derby Cathedral School and how students can build upon their strengths to achieve these goals. 

During Year 9 students will be expected to take more responsibility of their learning, continue to build on their prior knowledge and reflect on their skills and achievements to ensure they are preparing themselves for their upcoming option choices for GCSE.  

Throughout Year 9 students will have the support of our careers advisor, Miss Rowley, and our knowledgeable staff to ensure that they make the best choices to successfully move into Year 10 and begin their GCSE’s.  

Year 9 begin and end each day with tutor time where each day different activities take place. For Year 9, as we progress through the year, those activities will turn more towards options, GCSE’s, Study Skills and revision strategies to allow students to already have key knowledge as they transition into KS4.  


AM tutor – Merits and Planner Review  

Checking student progress, rewards, attendance and home communication.

PM tutor – Mindful moment for a Monday 

Providing students with a range of different mindful strategies to use.


AM tutor – Numeracy Ninjas  

A range of numeracy activities for students to complete individually 

PM tutor – Behaviour data review 

A reflection on how the whole tutor groups’ first couple of days have been with time to celebrate successes and set targets moving forward.


AM tutor – Head of Year Collective Worship 

Key messages delivered to students and an assembly on a particular topic  

PM tutor – Whole Class Reading 

Group reading task and discussions  


AM tutor – FAITH Thursdays / Smart Student Council  

Class discussion on a recent news topic and how it links into our FAITH values.  
Smart Student council sessions are designed as areas of discussion and allow students to think about how we can improve all areas of our school.  

PM tutor – Behaviour data review 

A reflection on how the whole tutors’ past couple of days have been with time to celebrate successes and set targets moving forward.


AM tutor – Whole class reading  

Group reading task and discussions 

PM tutor – Tutor Challenge 

A bespoke challenge set by each form tutor 

At Derby Cathedral School we expect all students to follow our FAITH values, and for Year 9 these values should already be well embedded.  Of course, these values are important for every year group, but for Year 9’s, we really target these towards success in KS4, as without these, that success will be impossible to achieve. 

Year 9 will also be offered to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  This is an internationally recognised award and, not only is it a fantastic opportunity for the students to show all the Faith values and to improve and develop a wide range of personal skills, but will also help to give our students a great advantage when applying for college and apprenticeship positions when they leave us.  

Our aim is to make everyone’s time at Derby Cathedral School an enjoyable learning experience. We strive to provide students with the support they need to flourish in their time at secondary school.