Subject Intent

Physical Education and Sport at Derby Cathedral School is a key subject as it addresses the health and wellbeing of our students, providing and creating wider learning opportunities for all. It teaches the Fellowship skills of successfully working and collaborating together through teams and events both within lessons and through extracurricular.

It raises Aspirations of pupils through encouraging participation in a wide range of sports, some of which pupils may not have experience previously. Within Physical Education we encourage Integrity by having high expectations of respect and Humility for all - allowing everyone to develop their skills. Tenacity is a key value within PE as we provide opportunities and experience for students to practice becoming resilient and determined.  Through the challenge and adversity that physical education and sport provide, our pupils will be given the opportunity to develop all their FAITH values – being ‘the best that they can be’ in all aspects of their lives.

Physical Education at Derby Cathedral School allows all students to be physically active for sustained periods of time in activities that are inclusive, enjoyable and give them the opportunity to develop their confidence as leaders. Students across all Key stages are actively involved in guiding and leading activities in lessons, choosing and assisting in the delivery of lesson content and a vast range of extracurricular activities. All students are given access to individualised and personalised learning paths and platforms.  

The curriculum is designed and planned to meet the needs of all students within our diverse school community. Students will understand the power of sport and embed the ethos the faith values in all aspects of the curriculum.

In Key Stage 3 we support students in developing the knowledge and tools to become independent physical learners who are able to make sense of important contextual issues such as health, diet, wellbeing and the impact of these on wider society.  Through studying a range of activities and accessing the MYPB programme students are able to develop, understand and embed the core values of PE and Sport at Derby Cathedral School.

Central to Physical Education at DCS is the opportunity to develop a lifelong passion for activity and sport. All students will begin to study aspects of Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics and Psychology at Key stage 3. This powerful knowledge will support students on their journey to key stage 4 and beyond.

The curriculum is planned to show a clear progression for learning so that students explore and learn subject content that empowers then with information and knowledge they need at the most appropriate time. In Key stage 4 students will study aspects of sports science, biology, socio-cultural issues and the sports industry allowing them to be prepared for later life.

Through delivery of a well-planned extracurricular programme and extensive opportunities – our students are encouraged to experience all aspects of the PE, sport and health industry.

The PE curriculum supports compliments and underpins pupils work in all other subjects. At DCS we believe that Physical Education takes a great part in helping students enrich their lives socially, emotionally and physically. Through collaboration with other subject areas, PE students will become better all-round learners.

Ultimately PE encourages our students to enjoy sport, be healthy and confident individuals who treat others with respect, have a clear understanding of community and have a character that gives value to the world around them.

PE Curriculum Plans

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Mr M Rawson Head of PE
Miss V Woodward PE Teacher/Head of Girls PE
Mr C Saunders PE Teacher/ Head of PSHE
Mr J Bailey Teacher of PE



Within PE students are given regular homework tasks which are linked directly to the curriculum and current affairs within sport. Students will be provided with a knowledge organiser for PE and complete tasks such as case studies, research and PE theory.

Homework topics include –

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Analysis of sporting performance
  • Tactics and skills
  • Health and wellbeing


Within PE at DCS Students focus on developing Core physical movements in a wide variety of sports, including; Football, Rugby, Netball, Dance, Basketball, Athletics, Cricket and Rounder’s as well as others. Students are continually assessed within lessons through practical analysis. All students also complete a knowledge based formative assessment. Students are assessed on both physical and theoretical competencies.

DCS ‘We all can’

Whilst continuing to develop physical, thinking and personal skills, students spend more time developing their leadership and organisational abilities. Differing roles such as officiating, managing and planning PE sessions are part of lessons and students are encouraged to develop this at other times during the school week and beyond.


In GCSE PE students will be assessed on theoretical knowledge and understanding alongside practical. Students will complete regular topic tests at the end on each unit. They will also be assessed using the online platform ‘The Everlearner’.

Breakdown –

60% Final exam – (Paper 1) Anatomy and Physiology and (Paper 2) Socio cultural influences in sport  
30% practical
10% (AEP) Analysing and evaluation performance

Study skills & Revision

Students are encouraged to access study materials at all key stages. Students have knowledge organisers to support theoretical and knowledge based learning tasks. All students can also access the DCS PE youtube channel which has revision skills and content to support learning.

Useful websites –


The Derby Cathedral School PE Kit


  • Derby Cathedral School PE t-shirt with logo
  • Navy and light Blue shorts
  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms (DCS tracksuit bottoms can be purchased)
  • Navy blue football socks or white sports socks
  • Navy Blue sweatshirt/ Fleece
  • Trainers
  • Football boots


  • Derby Cathedral School PE t-shirt with logo
  • Navy and light Blue shorts
  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms (DCS tracksuit bottoms can be purchased)
  • Navy blue leggings (DCS leggings can be purchased)
  • Navy blue football socks or white sports socks
  • Navy Blue sweatshirt/ Fleece
  • Trainers
  • Football boots