The Social Sciences department key intention is to encourage learners to be passionate, inquisitive, and curious to explore the influences of human behaviour and the impact this has on individuals and groups. Not only does our subjects allow learners to explore the complexities of the most intricate machine of earth: the brain, it also allows them to critique and question social institutions in the UK and around the world such as religion, health care, education and the family.  

Our curriculum’s intent is to give all learners the opportunity to engage with shifting mindsets and evolving attitudes and to form their own opinions, using theory to either support or oppose them. Within our subjects, learners will develop humility where they will use their own experiences to explore factors that influence behaviour. Learners reflect on their own experiences which is supported by the fact that Derby has a vibrant and diverse cultural scene meaning that our learners have a first-hand experience of a range of factors that can influence someone's chance in life such as social class, ethnicity and gender. In Social Sciences we tackle socially sensitive and controversial topics, we therefore strive to develop tolerance and respect for others meaning we truly live the value of integrity in every one of our lessons. We also develop oracy skills so that our learners can debate and act as a positive role models for change in our society. 

The Social Sciences department ensure that we are the best role models for our learners and pride ourselves on our enthusiasm for the subjects we teach. We ensure that learners are given access to quality first teaching and tools for success through the independent study resources. We show tenacity by always exploring new ways learners can engage with their learning and embed strategies so that they can move towards their long-term goals. To support this, we continuously link our learning to career opportunity whereby we are paving the way for our future Psychiatrists, Nurses, Social Workers, Politicians, Forensic Psychologists and many more! 

We ensure that our curriculum gives learners an array of different opportunities. Our Social Sciences Super Curricular, gives learners an enriching curriculum and promoting a lifelong love of learning. For example, we arrange for guest speakers, workshops and have a variety of different trip opportunities for learners to create meaningful connections and to also promote fellowship and aspiration.


Our aim in Criminology is to introduce learners to the criminal justice system, the reasons as to why people turn to crime and the way in which we can control this as a society. The course enables learners to use theories of criminality to analyse criminal situations and make recommendations for policy in practice and assess campaigns.  

Our aim at Derby Cathedral School is to encourage our Criminology learners to acquire knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the criminal justice system. We ensure learners are informed about how criminology is relevant to many job roles within the criminal justice sector, social and probation work, sociology and psychology which will make them informed about potential future career routes. The world of criminology is constantly evolving and we encourage learners to keep up to date with contemporary news.  

We study the WJEC Applied Diploma in Criminology whereby learners study: Changing awareness of crime, criminological theories, crime scene to courtroom and crime and punishment. 

Health and Social Care 

We know that, in the UK, demand for our health and social care services continuing to increase and with that, it is undisputable that the need for people to perform these vital job roles within the sector will continue to be in demand. Health and Social Care is one of the biggest sectors of employment and even within the local community there are many opportunities available to progress into this sector for example, Derby Royal Hospital.  

Our aim at Derby Cathedral School is to produce Health and Social Care learners who are intrigued to discover the positive and negative impacts on our development, how to effectively meet the needs of individuals using services and specialist provision and how to challenge stereotypes and discrimination. Our KS4 and KS5 Health and Social Care courses provide learners with a hands-on taste of the sector, skills and confidence to take their next steps working in this field.  

At KS4 we study the BTEC Level 1 / 2 Tech Award whereby learners study: Human Lifespan and Development, Health and Social Care Services and Values and Health and Wellbeing. 

At KS5 we study the CTEC Extended Certificate in Health and Social care whereby learners study: Building Positive Relationships, Equality and Diversity, Health, Safety and Security, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition and Sexual Health, Reproduction and Early Development Stages.  


Psychology plays a vital role in our society from all aspects such as education, the economy and crime. Not only does Psychology give learners the opportunity to explore the human mind and how we think and act, it always allows them to understand themselves as individuals. The field of Psychology is constantly evolving, giving learners the opportunity to engage with contemporary discoveries. 

Our aim at Derby Cathedral School is to produce Psychologists of the future who are inspired by understanding the mind and who are inquisitive, motivated and passionate to explore a range of factors that influence our behaviour.  

We study the AQA A Level Psychology course and have selected the following optional topics: Schizophrenia, Forensics, and Gender). Through our carefully designed curriculum and strong subject specialists, the Social Sciences department offers rich and engaging lessons that will enable learners to learn the fundamentals of Psychology and the skills needed to ‘think like a Psychologist’.  


Sociology enables learners to gain a greater understanding of the complex nature of humans and society. Through the study of society, it allows learners to get to grips with many aspects of modern life on our planet. 

At Derby Cathedral School we study the AQA A Level Sociology course whereby we have selected the Family and Households and Beliefs in Society optional modules. Our aim is to produce Sociologists of the future who are motivated and curious to delve deeper into the range factors that influence how society functions. The curriculum we offer will prepare learners for a lifetime of social change, diverse culture and diversity of different viewpoints and will also help challenge discrimination and ignorance in society by offering explanations and scientific research to challenge discriminatory views in society. We believe that we will develop responsible citizens who will be able to reflect on the world around them. 

Through our carefully designed curriculum and strong subject specialists, the Social Sciences department offers rich and engaging lessons that will enable learners to learn the fundamentals of Sociology and the skills needed to ‘think like a Sociologist’. We strongly encourage Sociology learners to actively engage with contemporary issues within the world regularly and our curriculum ensures we engage in topic discussions during lessons to provoke further analysis. 

Miss J Sowter - Head of Social Sciences - Teacher of Health and Social Care, Psychology and Sociology

Mr S Acquah - Lead teacher of Criminology