Learning at home plays an essential role in preparing students for life as an adult and further instils our FAITH values.

Fellowship: Collaborating and guiding each other in completing tasks by building networks of support, develops essential skills that all employers look for.

Aspiration: Being aspirational begins with believing that education opens doors in the future. Acting upon these beliefs must follow.

Integrity: Learning at home allows students to be really honest with themselves about where their knowledge and skill gaps lie. It encourages honest self-reflection.

Tenacity: In the classroom, teachers provide endless support and guidance. Once at home, these scaffolds are removed and students are forced to be more independent. This requires tenacity – the will to never give up.

Humility: Accepting that working at home will improve opportunities in life requires students to accept the guidance of their teachers.

Why Homework?

At Derby Cathedral School, we are committed to the promotion of independent study and therefore the completion of homework. This is because it plays a vital role in consolidating the learning that takes place at school. In particular, it addresses the forgetting curve and ensures the flexibility of key knowledge.

To ensure that we meet the DFE guidelines, all subjects will set homework as follows: 


Core subjects 

  All other subjects 

30 minutes per week 

  30 minutes per fortnight 

30 minutes per week 

  30 minutes per fortnight 

60 minutes per week 

  30 minutes per week 

10 + 11 

60 minutes per week 

  60 minutes per week 

How are Homework Tasks Set?

Class teachers are responsible for setting quality homework that is sequenced effectively and allows students to become increasingly independent in their studies. Homework tasks are based on the subject knowledge organisers and are posted on Classcharts with the resources attached. Students then complete their homework tasks in their yellow homework exercise book.

We use this system because:

  • It enables students to access the work from any device at home and supports those who struggle to organise their materials.

  • It also allows parents to check homework tasks and support their child in planning their time to meet deadlines.

  • Teachers can monitor and record submissions with ease.

If your child struggles to complete their homework, we run a homework club from 3:05-4pm. All students are welcome to join. We do however, insist that students arrive promptly and stay for the entire session so as not to disturb others working in the room.