"Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

Romans 13:1

Local governing body

Derby Cathedral School is held accountable by a local governing body and, in turn, the trust board of directors.

The role of the local governing body is to monitor the school's key performance indicators within the set scheme of delegation alongside the Headteacher and senior leaders. Each governor is linked to a key area in school. These are shown in the table below. 

The current governing body consists of:

Name Governor Type

Term start date

Term expiry

Email address Attendance to LGB 2020/21 Attendance to LGB 2021/22

Mrs Clara Heppleston

Appointed staff

October 2018

Resigned 16th March 2022

n/a 6/6 3/6

Prof Peter Larcombe

Chapter appointed Governor

October 2018

October 2022

n/a 5/6 1/6

Mrs Victoria Seaton

Parent Governor

October 2018

Resigned Feb 2021

n/a 2/6 n/a

Mrs Jennifer Lewis-Smith

Vice Chair Chapter appointed

October 2018

October 2022

n/a 3/6 3/6

Dean Peter Robinson


July 2020

July 2024 n/a 4/5 3/6

Mrs Jenny Brown

Head of School



Headteacher 6/6 4/6

Mrs Helen Wetherall

Trust Governor

October 2019

October 2023

n/a 6/6 3/6

Ms Dian Garrett

Parent Governor

February 2021

February 2025

n/a 4/4 4/6

Ms Luciana Stan

Parent Governor

February 2021

Resigned June 2021

n/a 2/4 n/a
Mr Michael Shales Chair of Governors Trust Appointed December 2020 December 2024 m.shales@derbycathedralschool.org.uk 5/5 4/6
Mrs Bridget O'Hara Parent Governor December 2021 December 2025 N/A N/A 2/4

Clerk to Governors - Mrs Pam Miles

Present vacancies - 1 Trust Governor and 1 Staff Governor

Term of Office - 4 years

Governor Meeting Schedule - Derby Cathedral School

Updated: 28/03/2022 89 KB

Constitution of Local Governing Body

Updated: 28/03/2022 65 KB

Governor Declarations of Business Interests

Updated: 28/03/2022 34 KB

If you wish to contact any of the governing body, please email the clerk p.miles@derbycathedralschool.org.uk

Full information and statutory documentation about the Trust directors and members can be found on the Key Information page of the DDAT website