Fundementally, the study of Business at GCSE is the study of choices. We believe in the importance of students seeing real world examples of entrepreneurs, business leaders and share holders who have had to make informed, educated choices that will lead them to eventual success. Business studies takes students on a journey of aspiration; from the first ideas of a start-up company through the many choices of established organisations as they navigate the financial and ethical decisions it takes to run a successful business.
Students learn about the integrity of being a leader in business, understanding the needs of the people that you work with and the importance of ethical decision making in ensuring businesses play their part in making the world a better place for future generations – fellowship in action. 

Tenacity plays a key part in the Business Studies course, both from the perspective of our students who will be faced with the challenge of learning new knowledge that they have never encountered before, to the exploration of case studies from businesses who have had to overcome the challenges of growing a successful business from nothing. Students learn about market leading companies who put innovation and tenacity to succeed at the heart of everything they do, helping them to understand the importance of these two traits in the real world.

The two-year GCSE course focuses on different types of business models, how companies use marketing to grow; the role of human resources and the humility it takes to be a successful business leader. In Year 11 students will develop an understanding of the role of finance in business, and the impact that wider social and ethical issues can and should have on the choices companies make.

Business Studies Long Term Plan

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Mr T Williamson - Lead Teacher of Business

Homework and assessment

In Business Studies, we set homework once a week. Homework will focus on the use and application of knowledge organisers which all students are provided with. Students will be set a variety of tasks that challenge them to revise, recall and memorise the content of the knowledge organisers that link to the content of the lessons that they have studied.

Assessment will take the shape of on-going formative assessments in lessons where student knowledge and understanding is assessed every lesson, before summative end of topic assessments that test student's ability to respond to formal and timed assessment questions.
Students are working toward two final GCSE exam papers which they will sit in the Summer of Year 11
Paper 1: Business activity, marketing and people
Paper 2: Operations, finance and influences on business

More information on the exam papers and specifications can be found on the OCR website:

Here are a collection of useful sites and resources that will aid students in their studies. All resources from lessons are uploaded to Teams on a weekly basis.


BBC Bitesize:

Seneca learning revision

Seneca learning exam preparation

BizzWizard YouTube channel


Please find a list of useful resources and websites that can support students with their studies: