Due to the current ongoing conflict in Ukraine, millions of people now have no place to call home. Increasing numbers of men, women and children find themselves displaced without food, water, electricity or medical care. Families have been separated leaving behind loved ones, unsure of when they will see each other again.

This humanitarian crisis requires urgent and immediate help as temperatures continue to plummet and the violence ensues.

Our students have been deeply moved by the increasing stories of hostility and human suffering and feel compelled to help our global family. Headed up by our School Council and in conjunction with the Heads of Year, on Friday 8th April 2022, we will be holding a DCS non-uniform day to raise funds for the citizens of Ukraine. Students are invited to wear their own clothing in return for donations to help those caught up in the conflict.

Donations can be made via Parentpay in the usual way. Suggested donations are £1 but please feel free to give whatever you can.

Thank you for your support.