On 9th May, GCSE drama students watched the play 2:22 A Ghost Story at Nottingham Theatre Royal. The students were intrigued by the set straight away, as the digital clock you could clearly see was quickly going through its 24 hour cycle repeatedly. They worked out that the time 2:22am would be important to the plot – and as these numbers were racing around, one student even managed to get a photo of it on 2.22 (it took more than one attempt due to how fast the numbers scrolled!)

When the play did start, it didn’t take long for some screams to erupt from the audience, as the clever use of lighting and sound built tension quickly. The play has just 4 actors, and their performances kept the students raptured with the plot, as did the clever use of staging.

At the interval the students were all buzzing, and all making predictions on how it would end… none of the guesses were successful. And it’s fair to say all our jaws were to the floor with what happened (we won’t give any plot spoilers!)

I’m so glad that this West End smash hit has gone on UK tour, and we were able to take our students to see a production of it – with most of them saying it is the best thing they have ever seen.