We have our Eco Greenhouse!

From conception in November 2021 to this week, when the greenhouse was finally built, has been a long road – but what a fantastic result!

We had to collect almost 2,000 bottles, for which we thank those who brought them into school!

We needed to fundraise for the cost of the framework (thank you to The Babington Arms!) which was delivered to the school in May.

Next, all of the bottles had to be washed, have the labels removed, and cut down – a laborious process.

Finally, several members of the Derby Rotary Club came into school on Tuesday to work with a group of students to construct it.

All worked very hard and our students behaved impeccably, as always. The Rotary Club team said that they found the school to be a delightful place to work and look forward to working with our students on future projects.

Needless to say – we don’t need any more bottles!