Wednesday Challenge

Welcome to the Derby Cathedral School Wednesday Challenge Page. 

Each Wednesday we are going to set you a different challenge or task to complete that can earn you House points. These tasks will be a bit of fun, but they won’t be easy.  All you will need to do is follow whatever instructions are included with the challenge or task and then email your entries to where a select band of judges will decide how many points you deserve! Important: The 'Subject:' must contain 'Year 7 Challenge' or 'Year 8 Challenge' obviously depending on your year.  Without this in the subject, your entry may not get through to the correct location for judging. Each week we will publish a league table and the names of weekly winners on the website.  Remember, you must follow any instructions that are included as these parameters will be checked when you email your answers.

For the answers to last weeks challenge and to see how the current league stands, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This week you have three challenges, two set by Mrs Boyle and one by Mrs Nethercott. Mrs Boyles challenges are both Kahoots quizes and these can be accessed via the links below.  It's up to you to try to beat the teachers, many of whom have already taken part so you can see the scores you need to beat.  If you haven't already created a quiz ID then make sure you do, but keep it sensible and make sure it clearly states who you are so we are able to award merits.  These are good fun and will hopefully appeal to your competitive spirits. Good luck!

Challenge 1: Beat the Teachers - Science Trivia (Full quiz)

 Challenge 2: Beat the Teachers - Game Logos (Mini quiz) 


Mrs Nethercott's challenge is about people who have influenced us. She says, 'Recently the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth was celebrated. As an 11 year old, she inspired me to become  nurse.' Her challenge to you all is 'to think about anyone who has inspired you to fulfil an ambition or dream - it could be a pioneer like Florence Nightingale (perhaps a couple of examples that are more up to date and relevant), or a sports person or musician.'

Mrs Nethercott would like you to write a few lines about who they are and why they inspire you (maybe send through a picture of the person that inspires you) and we will share them on the website next week.

Challenges for the Staff

As part of the Wednesday Challenge, the DCS staff have asked for ideas from you to challenge us.  Last week’s staff challenge was brilliant and came from Joseph Fleming.  Click here to find out more.