School Ethos

Inclusivity and high expectations are central to our ethos and mission and we offer a warm welcome and a high-quality education to students from families practising all faiths and those with no faith.

We also offer a high-quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural education while promoting British values relating to democracy, the rule of law, tolerance and individual liberty.

Applications received from families will be judged against open, transparent and fair admissions criteria, which will meet all requirements of the School's Admissions Code, Appeals Code and admissions legislation and provide full equality of access to those of any faith and to those of no faith. Additionally, fully planned and appropriately staffed alternative provision will be available for those students who are opted out of any or all faith-based activities including collective worship.

Our wide curriculum offer including humanities will be inclusive and embrace the world’s major religious and spiritual traditions. Timetabled, allocated time to faith-based activities will not be disproportionate within our broad and balanced curriculum. The delivery of other curriculum areas, such as the study of evolution or theories of the origin of the universe in science, will take place in keeping with the expectations of the National Curriculum and each relevant examination syllabus.

As an 11-19 secondary free school with a curriculum specialism in Music with mathematics, we will increase parental choice and diversity of provision in the Derby area while contributing both to solving a basic need and to lifting education standards within the Local Authority. The curriculum specialisms are a key part of our vision and represent a platform from which we will build high levels of personal development, well-being and achievement from Year 7 onwards. In 2006 Lord Adonis said: “Music has a vital role to play in enriching the curriculum and driving up standards”. We will exploit the natural links between Music and mathematics to secure gains in learning for our students.

Building on high expectations, Derby Cathedral School champions high academic attainment and excellent pastoral care.