Collective Worship

Week Commencing 18/05/2020

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And if the the story of the Ascension makes you feel creative, then Mrs Boyle has collected together some fabulous ideas that you can try that link with this weeks theme.  Have a look here and see what you can create.  Any pictures of your creations would be great to see, so send them to and putting Ascension Creations as your Subject.

The Ascension of Jesus

AIM: To explore why it matters that Jesus ascended to heaven.


BACKGROUND: Note: Ascension Day is on Thursday 21st May 2020.

  • Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after His resurrection.
  • This story may be a familiar one for some of us, but have we ever stopped to think closely about what is happening here? This might stand out as a strange event (though maybe not so much in the context of the astounding events of Easter!).
  • This session is designed to help us all encounter the story in a fresh and deeper way.

Ask someone in your home to share something about their last few days; what has made them happy? What has brought a smile to their face? Then share your own good and bad things.


  • You will need a dice (or another way of generating a random number from 1-6 e.g.
  • Each person with you rolls the dice 4 times.
  • On each roll check the answer to the question and explain why you are happy or unhappy with the result.

Roll 1: Your favourite musical artist is:


2.Elvis Presley

3.Billie Eilish

4.Justin Bieber

5.One Direction


Roll 2: A forfeit you must do is:

1.20 press ups

2.20 sit ups

3.Hop on one leg for 1 min

4.Pat your head & rub your tummy

5.Dance like a chicken

6.Say the alphabet backwards

Roll 3: Your worst habit is:

1.Telling bad jokes

2.Being late

3.Picking my nose

4.Biting nails

5.Ignoring people

6. Wasting time

Roll 4:  I think Jesus ascended into heaven because ...

1.Jesus was an alien and was returning to God on Mars

2.Heaven is literally up in the sky

3.He can fly

4.He wanted to confuse us

5.He wanted us to know he was still alive, just not on earth any more

6.He was a massive show-off.

Watch the bible passage here:

Some questions to think about:

Different points of view:

1.Think about the story from the point of view of Jesus. What do you think his feelings were at this time? What song or piece of music would best describe his feelings? Explain your choice to those you are with.

2.Think about the story from the point of view of The Disciples. What do you think their feelings were at this time? What song or piece of music would best describe their feelings? Explain your choice to those you are with.

3.Why do you think Jesus ascended into the sky?

4.What do you think about the disciples asking Jesus if he was going to restore the kingdom to Israel (overthrowing the Romans in the meantime)? Jesus didn’t deny it; he said that it is not for us to know the times and dates. Does that mean there are times and dates set for important things to happen?

5.If so, how does that affect our faith now?

6.How important was it that Jesus proved to the disciples that he was alive? How important is it to us that he proved he was alive to them?

7.How do we prove that he is alive now?


On a plain piece of paper, draw your own image of what you think it was like when Jesus ascended into heaven.

  • You can also include words on your picture that explain why you think it happened and how people felt about it then (and how people feel today about it).
  • The key point to remember in your response is that Jesus did not die a second time.
  • He ascended into heaven whilst still alive to be with His Father.
  • This means that He is still alive today.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the story of your ascension and the way it shows that you are alive today.

May we be encouraged by the knowledge that you are with us.

May we be encouraged to learn more about you.

May we be encouraged to share your love with others.


Material adapted from: YCW Magazine Author: Joel Toombs