Behaviour Policy

Good behaviour is the foundation on which effective teaching and learning is built, and so we want to make sure that the standards remain very high in our school. As our school grows in numbers, it is important that we have clear and consistent systems and policies to support behaviour, and that we keep them under constant review. Our behaviour policy is based on some key principles:

  • We have high expectations of behaviour which are clearly communicated to students;
  • Learning how to behave well is a key life skill that we want students to develop;
  • The aim of our behaviour policy is to ensure that students’ learning is not interrupted by poor behaviour;
  • We recognise and reward students who do the right thing and behave well;
  • We expect students to take responsibility if their behaviour falls below expectations.

In order, to meet these principles, we are making some changes to the way we manage behaviour in the school. We will be using the merit system more extensively to celebrate the large majority of students who behave well and will communicate this to you as parents.


We will be introducing a new way of describing the key principles of school culture and behaviour, using our FAITH values:


  • Fellowship – collaborating with others, we treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness.
  • Aspiration – we are ready to learn and grow, striving to be the best that we can be in every aspect of our lives.
  • Integrity – we demonstrate fairness, equality and honesty
  • Tenacity – we are determined and resilient when faced with challenges.
  • Humility – we are gracious, calm and understand the importance of forgiveness.

These key words are going to be at the heart of everything that our school represents and as such we would appreciate you talking through the meaning of these words with your children.


We will also be changing the way we apply sanctions to students if they don’t meet the expectations of our behaviour policy. We have been using a policy of isolation from classes but are concerned that this interrupts learning and is not an effective deterrent for some students. As a result, we will be introducing same-day 15-minute after-school detentions for students who have not met our behaviour expectations and have been warned in line with our policy. If a student is to receive a detention, we will send a text message parents to let you know.  With this in mind, it is of paramount importance that your details are up to date.  If you have changed your number recently then please make sure we have your latest contact details.

If poor behaviour persists, we will issue a longer 45-minute detention, but this will not happen on the same day and you will be informed beforehand. All of these changes will be explained fully to students before we introduce them on Monday 3rd February.

With specific reference to the use of mobile phones and uniform:

Mobile phone confiscation:

1st mobile phone confiscation: 15mins same day after school detention, parents/carers telephoned 

2nd mobile phone confiscation: 45mins after school detention, parents/carer requested to collect phone 

Further mobile phone issues will result in a meeting with a panel of SLT


Uniform/equipment: persistent failure to have full and proper equipment or uniform items on three occasions will result in a 15 minute after school detention on the same day of the third occasion

I know how important it is for you to know that your child is being educated in a positive climate where students are behaving well. The best way to ensure this is through a strong partnership between home and school and I would like to thank you for the support you give to the school.